Thursday, September 9, 2010

Do I like Cocaine...

A little voice piped up from behind me as we were driving to swimming lessons. "Why is that lady asking if he likes cocaine???"

The first question that popped into my head was - how does he know about cocaine?!? He's not even into double digits yet!!!

The second was, this song is NOT about cocaine, so why does he think it is?!? I scanned my brain for the lyrics and realised the words are actually "And when she asks, Do I look OK?" but he would not be convinced that he wasn't singing "And when she asks, Do I like cocaine?"

Just like my friends kiddy was convinced that James Rayne sings "Don't eat your breakfast" instead of "Don't be so reckless" LOL

In case you are wondering I managed to delete my blog before I realised I could just password protect it if I wanted to drop off the radar. So I'm back for now anyways.

Inspired by this weeks offerings at "The Color Room" and some of the 600 odd photos I took while we visited WA with my brother and his family. Glad we decided not to go skiing in New Zealand instead - and glad all my in-laws in Christchurch are no longer shaking in their boots.